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Sunday, May 07, 2006

13 Years ago I have been introduced to the sport of "airsoft playing" also know as "gas gun wargames" back then, because you play with replica guns that shoot 6mm BB pellets powered by a form of Freon used as propellant. Here I am with my firends playing sniper with my JAC M16A1 vietnam-era rifle. I believe these pictures were taken at UP Diliman Lagoon area.

Fast forward to today, after buying the G&G SOC16 airsoft rifle I have been researching on for months, I began playing regularly again at a gamesite called "Last Castle" in Pasig. This is site is considered as the homebase of the AGL (Action Games Legue) team.

The pictures shown bellow were taken on 2 separate days. The first set, I was wearing a borrowed aviator's flight suit & a borrowed protective vest, and borrowed kneepads. LOL!!!!

In these pictures, you can see me and the guys I have played with during that day.

I was so exhausted at playing ,y first game in more than a decade.
The second set of pictures were taken last May 6, this time I was wearing my own BDU, (Battle Dress Uniform) the famous four-colour United States of America woodland pattern camouflage, a helmet liner as additional head and neck protection, a booney hat and a borrowed sniper's veil wrapped around my mouth area.

On the breast pocket of my upper garment, was the patch of the SeeBees. They are the famous Construction Battalion of the United States Navy.

Although the insignia on my BDU was Navy, I was trying to emmulate the US Rangers look.

Here we are, around lunch time, fooling around and waiting for the games to begin.

Meet the team, Andro, Gett, Jake and Joe.

Scenes from the Battlefield

Enemy bunker


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